7 Interior Design Trends Predicted to be Big in 2022

7 Interior Design Trends Predicted to be Big in 2022

In 2022 it's predicted that our homes will continue to take centre stage and have a multi-functional purpose. We're now in our third year of living in a pandemic, and against that backdrop our homes will still serve as a sanctuary and be required to provide spaces for a home office, workouts, relaxation, hobbies and entertaining.

As we’re set to spend a lot of time in our homes again this year, it makes sense that in 2022 we're going to continue our love affair with interiors. Many of us will look to invest in interior design and furniture that personalises our spaces, is aesthetically pleasing and evokes a feeling; be that a feeling of deep comfort, serenity, safety, calm, productivity or wellbeing, and that provides the multi-functionality we need for modern day living where we use our homes for work, sleep, meals and recreation.

At Home James we firmly believe that the pieces or furniture you choose contributes to your enjoyment of your personal surroundings, and it’s this philosophy that we keep forefront when we’re handpicking our collections for you. The Home James philosophy chimes with the interior design mood for 2022.

In this article we’ve collated the top 7 interior trends for 2022 to inspire you and kick start your creativity. Click the images to shop.


Curves are coming into prominence in interior design because curved furniture and accessories that arc and flow soften a design and often work well with a room’s features, such as the arc of an original fireplace or alcove. There’s an excellent choice of curved furniture and accessories in a spectrum of colours and an array of materials out there, allowing the softness of curved designs to be carried through from seating, to lighting, art, tables, and vases.

Inspired by Nature

Interior design schemes will look to incorporate the beauty of the natural world in 2022. This will take the form of organic, nature inspired shapes and natural materials. We predict the tactile qualities of natural materials will create a strong desire to incorporate them into the surfaces and objects that we handle every day to strengthen our connection with nature. Popular materials will include marble, clay, travertine, stoneware, and of course living indoor trees and plants and fresh or dried branches and flowers.

Colour wise, shades of green will complement the inspired by nature trend. The colour green appeals to our desire to bring the outside in. In colour psychology green represents mother nature and new beginnings, and has a tranquil, calming effect.


Top of people’s wish lists in 2022 will be to improve functional spaces that are used for a home office, workouts, relaxation, hobbies and entertaining. Many people’s rooms have taken on a dual purpose to allow for this, and with the need for dual purpose spaces set to continue, 2022 is the year to invest in pieces like a comfortable home office desk with permanence and that looks stylish too.

Made by Hand

Given the importance of our homes in 2022, many of us will want to make ours unique in some way. Spending more and more time at home has slowed the pace down and afforded us the time to appreciate the beauty of hand-crafted furniture and home accessories, and with hand-made furniture and home accessories uniqueness is guaranteed with every piece.


Leather sofas are back! Think earthy brown tones for your leather furniture. As the leather softens and wears you can enjoy the aged, wabi-sabi qualities of your leather upholstery.

Statement Lighting

Lighting is a great opportunity to match function with style. At Home James we love the decorative lighting trend that’s been emerging for a few years. These days lighting can be unique, bold, unusual, and quirky. 2022 will the year that statement lighting becomes mainstream. With so many beautiful, diverse and unexpected designs, shopping for statement lighting that suits your room and personality will be a great creative outlet.

Sanctuary Bedrooms

We’re more aware then ever of the importance of healthy sleep habits, but switching off and winding down at the end of the day can be hard when our home has become our office. 2022 will be the year we look to improve our bedrooms, and reinstate them as relaxing, quiet, restful spaces that encourage a good night’s rest by removing anything unnecessary and unconducive to sleep. Key to this is a luxurious bed plus great storage for a relaxing, clutter free bedroom. Think 5-star hotel quality for your bedroom interior design.

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