Mango Wood Furniture

Mango Wood Furniture

Where does mango wood come from?

Just as it says on the tin, mango wood comes from the same trees that bear mango fruit. Mango trees grow in a number of tropical climates, but the biggest population of mango trees is in India, which is where the communities that produce most of Home James’ mango wood furniture are located. 

What colour is mango wood?

Untreated mango wood is a naturally light coloured timber. Spalting; which is wood colouration caused by fungi, creates highly desired veins of natural colour through the wood ranging from black to light brown. A highly spalted piece of mango wood furniture will be darker in colour than a piece of oak furniture. 

Furniture designs that are made from solid mango wood have inherent variations in texture, tone, grain pattern and knots - each piece is guaranteed to be totally unique.

Mango wood furniture can also be stained in a dark colour.

Is mango wood furniture durable?

Mango wood furniture is solid and durable. Thanks to it's high density grain, mango wood is classified as a hardwood, which is ideal for furniture production.

How do I care for my mango wood furniture?

To clean your mango wood furniture, wipe with a soft, dry cloth, avoid using anything harsh or abrasive on your furniture, and wipe up spills immediately.

To protect the surface of your mango wood furniture, use placemats or coasters, and do not place wet or hot products directly onto furniture.

Place mango wood furniture away from radiators and direct sunlight which may fade, crack or warp it.

Polish unpainted waxed surfaces with natural bees wax occasionally to keep it looking great.

Is your range of mango wood furniture sustainably made?

Responsible forestry

Our range of furniture comes from sustainable resources under certified commercial plantation programmes. 

 Our solid mango wood pieces are made from the waste timber of trees that have finished their commercial fruit bearing life. 

All timber used in our pieces is EUTR compliant.

Responsible treatments

The treatments used on our pieces are safe and environmentally friendly, and all of the paint and other finishes are lead free.

Responsible factories

The factories our pieces are produced in have undergone a social audit by a respected assurance company, and have been awarded BSCI compliant certification to confirm workers and their rights are looked after.


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